My top ten ways to use essential oils


I'm often asked what’s the big deal with these essential oils. It’s hard to really explain until you have actually experienced their magic for yourself. Yes they make the house smell pretty darn good but it’s the way these oils can support you physically and emotionally that really makes all the difference. I use my oils from the moment I wake up to the moment my head hits the pillow at night. They support everything from having a low tox house, low-tox beauty and help you relieve head/neck/shoulder tension and of course help you have the most divine relaxing and restorative sleep at night.

On a typical day here is how I’m using my oils:

  • I inhale Peppermint and Wild Orange oils for an instant wake me up.

  • I place a drop of Lemon oil in warm water for an instant detox in the morning and Grapefruit oil in sparkling water for a refreshing spritzer throughout the day.

  • I use my signature hormone blend to balance my hormones and at that time of the month I use my Clary Calm roll on all over my tummy to feel soothed and supported.

  • I dry body brush my skin every day followed by an ‘aromatic dressing’ using Frankincense, Wild Orange and Lavender mixed in with some coconut oil but you could literally choose any oil you like. Another favourite is to give myself a self-love massage using Balance and Bergamot mixed with some Whisper and I guarantee everyone will be asking you what perfume you are wearing.

  • I roll Salubelle 'beauty blend' under my eyes to help with fine lines.

  • I use our signature Yoga Blends for morning stretches and meditation.

  • I diffuse Motivate, Balance and Bergamot throughout my work day to increase focus and creativity.

  • I roll Neroli and Rose over my heart to help me feel beautifully feminine and protected - it’s the perfect natural no-tox perfume.

  • I bathe with magnesium epsom salts with Lavender and Vetiver and then rub some Ice Blue into any sore muscles.

  • In the evening I place Lavender Peace blend, Vetiver, Wild Orange and Cedarwood in the diffuser to help me drift off to sleep.

And I always get compliments on how nice I smell throughout the day. The investment of these pure plant extract to just feel this decadent every day is so worth it.