These three essential oils will make you smell amazing and keep your hormones in balance


I just wanted to take a minute to appreciate how these three oils (Rose, Jasmine and Neroli) support me physically but also nourish my mood and emotions.

Rose, Jasmine and Neroli live in my bag and I apply them throughout the day for a beautiful feminine scent and each of them lifts you up when you’re feeling a bit down.

Rose is the ‘Queen’ of oils and is sourced from Bulgaria. Rose has a sweet floral scent and what I love about Rose oil is it’s perfect for helping to balance your hormones. It’s incredibly sensual and a great choice if you’re wanting to increase your libido.


We used to have a beautiful and very large jasmine tree right next to our front door when I was growing up. I remember arriving home of an evening and you’d get this intoxicating aroma drift through the air and it always gave me an uplifting but very relaxed feeling at the same time. In fact Jasmine oil is sometimes nicknamed ‘Queen of the Night’ - both because of the strong smell of the jasmine flower in the evening and also because of its libido-boosting qualities which help it to act like a natural aphrodiasiac. I love to apply to my pulse points as a beautiful perfume. It’s also helpful for hormonal imbalances and hot flushes and mood swings during PMS and mensturation.

Neroli is extracted from the flowers of the Orange tree. A study published in 2014 concluded that when postmenopausal women inhaled Neroli oil their symptoms were relieved, their sexual desire ignited again and their stress levels dropped. It’s incredibly great for anxiety and I find the scent so intoxicating it’s no wonder a lot of the fragrance houses use it in their perfume blends.


Three beautiful oils to support you physically and emotionally with no toxins that will interfere with your hormones - Read more about endocrine disruptors here. You really are winning on all fronts with these.